“Perseverance” from The Olney Hymns

John Newton is most famously known as the author of Amazing Grace.  Less commonly known is the collection of hymns that he, with the help of poet William Cowper, wrote to be used in the rural church that he pastored in Olney, England. This collection, known as the The Olney Hymns, contains hymns that cover a variety of Scripture texts, theological themes, and points of the Christian experience.

What’s great about copies of The Olney Hymns is that only the text is printed without any music. While there’s a growing number of churches and artists putting these hymns to music, I find just the texts themselves to be full of rich, devotional content that helps stir my heart in personal worship. There’s something about truth in rhyme that helps me see and savor it more. Below is one of my favorites.


Rejoice, believer, in the Lord,
Who makes your cause his own;
The hope that’s built upon his word
Can ne’er be overthrown.

Though many foes beset your road,
And feeble is your arm;
Your life is hid with Christ in God,
Beyond the reach of harm.

Weak as you are, you shall not faint,
Or fainting shall not die;
Jesus, the strength of every saint,
Will aid you from on high.

Though sometimes unperceived by sense,
Faith sees him always near,
A Guide, a Glory, a Defense,
Then what have you to fear?

As surely as he overcame,
And triumphed once for you;
So surely you, that love his name,
Shall triumph in him too.

You can grab a copy of The Olney Hymns on Amazon or access them free on Google books. 


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