A Letter To My Mother

Dear Mom,

God did not consult me when he chose you to be my mother. I had no say in what womb God would knit me together in, and I did not advise him on where I should be fearfully and wonderfully made. And when he formed my inmost being in the secret place, I was not given a choice on what mother I would want or need.

Yes, some may see the mother to whom you’re born as the product of completely random forces- unplanned and merely coincidental. They may call it a purely natural phenomenon. They may call it chance. But having a mother like you, there’s only one thing I can call it: Grace.

It was grace that gave me a mother better than I ever deserved, a mother whose kindness and compassion were the steady refuge of my youth. A mother whose joyful presence and warmth turned our eternally unfinished house into a home full of life and love.

It was grace that gave me a mother who faithfully taught me the difference between right and wrong and spared not the rod when I foolishly forgot. That teaching has been a ” “garland of grace” that, even when I have sometimes run from it, has remained firmly fixed around my head and heart.

It was grace that gave me a mother who has stood behind all my biggest dreams, encouraging me to pursue my passions and to fan into flame my God-given gifts. A mother who sacrificed weekends and warmth to sit in cold, damp ice rinks as I chased the short-lived dream of being an NHL goalie. I still owe you that mansion I promised with my first contract.

It was grace that gave me a mother that made me proud to be called a “mama’s boy.” With a mother like you, that’s the highest compliment a man can get. While for some being a “mama’s boy” means being weak and fragile, being your “mama’s boy” made me (and is still making me) a man of sensitive strength, quiet courage, and unflinching hope. Or as you like to put it, all my good qualities come from you.

And it was grace that gave me a mother whose stubborn love never gives up on me. A mother who keeps believing that God will use me even when sometimes thats hard to believe for myself. A mother who persistently prays for me. And a mother whose unwavering support is the sure foundation on which I stand in every season of my life.

No, I did not get a say on who my mother would be. But if I did, there’s no one on this green earth that I would choose besides you. So on this Mother’s Day, and everyday of my life, I thank God for the grace of calling you Mom.

I love you Mom. Happy Mother’s Day.




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