A Prayer For Communion

Sovereign, creator God,
with a word you spoke the galaxies into existence,
set the planets in their place,
and fashioned the formless earth.
Out of the dust you made us in your image,
breathed life into our souls,
and gave us dominion over all of your creation.
For this, we joyfully tremble and give you thanks.

Sovereign, redeeming God,
in spite of our rebellious fall from fellowship with you,
you clothed us with your grace
and promised the conquering seed of Christ.
When no nation sought you, you chose a people for yourself,
you gave them the law and the prophets
and prepared the way for the Lord Jesus Christ.
For this, we joyfully tremble and give you thanks.

Sovereign, gracious God,
Out of your great love, you sent your Son in the flesh
to do what our flesh could never do.
He kept the law and died to atone for all our sins.
By your mighty power, you raised him from the dead,
Seated him at your right hand
And poured out your Holy Spirit on the Church.
For this we joyfully tremble and give you thanks.

(Words of Institution)

Sovereign, glorious God,
Pour out your Spirit once again as we take, eat, and drink
this memorial of our redemption.
In this joyful meal, unite us by faith to the fullness of Christ.
Raise us to the realities of our risen Lord
That we may taste and see that he is infinitely good.
May your Spirit cause this meal to strengthen our faith
and gladden our hearts as await our blessed hope,
the appearing of our great God and Savior Jesus Christ.
His death we proclaim, until he comes.
Come, Lord Jesus, come! Amen.


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