A Glorious Juxtaposition

The LORD is righteous in all his ways, and kind in all his works. Psalm 145:17 I mainly wrote this post just so I could use the word juxtaposition. The word is glorious in its own right and in my not-so-humble opinion, deserves much more airtime than our everyday English gives it. But that's just … Continue reading A Glorious Juxtaposition


Free Spurgeon Quote Printable

So I like to dabble with quotes, graphics, and fonts, and thought I'd try my hand at creating some printables for your free consumption. In my not-so-humble-opinion, the words of Charles Spurgeon ought to hang from the walls of every Christian's home. This first quote is a short and simple encouragement from Spurgeon to look … Continue reading Free Spurgeon Quote Printable

Turn Your T-Shirts Into Treasures

Just a little plug for my parent's business Quiltmyshirts.com.  If you've ever wondered what you can do with all your old t-shirts that you don't wear but can't seem to throw out, a t-shirt quilt is a great idea.   Whether your shirts are from sports teams, marathon races, or places you've been, t-shirt quilts are … Continue reading Turn Your T-Shirts Into Treasures

The God-ness and Goodness of God. 

Today's prayer from Scotty Smith's blog Heavenward. How I needed these truths this morning.  Heavenly Father, though we are quite capable of fretting, carping, and vexing about how out of control things seem, the truth is, nothing could be farther from the truth. We may not always see your hand, discern your heart, or like your ways, … Continue reading The God-ness and Goodness of God. 

He Remembered Us

It is he who remembered us in our low estate, for his steadfast love endures forever; Psalm 136: 23 When we were dead in sin and transgressions, He remembered us. When we were enemies and haters of God, He remembered us.  When we were blood-guilty of great and horrific sin, He remembered us. When we were utterly weak … Continue reading He Remembered Us