These are some prayers that I’ve written for the Church to be used in either personal or corporate worship. Feel free to use them as you like. Although they are written prayers, they are not meant to be read in a heartless, unengaged manner, but prayed with a Spirit-dependent passion, desire, and fervency.

An Opening Prayer for Worship

Glorious and holy Father,
You have called us out of darkness into your marvelous light
to declare the excellencies of Christ our Lord.
As we come to you today, give us eyes to see and savor your Son.
By your Spirit, make him so believable and beautiful
that we are drawn to awe-struck, joyous worship.
Awaken our affections to the glory of the gospel.
captivating us by the cross.
Draw our minds from trivial thoughts
to the weight of your living word.
Let it land on our hearts with transforming power,
working in us what is pleasing in your sight.
As we come to your table, feed us with the feast of your favor.
Let it strengthen our faith and gladden our hearts
That we may leave this place emboldened by your Spirit
to live, love, and lose our lives for the sake of Jesus Christ.
In his precious name we pray, Amen.

A Prayer of Confession

All-glorious God and Father,
You have made us a new creation in Christ
yet we confess we still cling to our old nature
and grieve the grace within us.
Although we are children of the light,
we have walked in the dark
of our addictions and deadly desires.
We have preferred the petty pleasures
of sin over your all-satisfying worth.
We confess we are often bored
and unimpressed with Jesus,
more concerned with sports, shopping,
and the safe suburban life.
We have forsaken the fountain of living water
for cisterns that are empty and dry.
We have loved the gifts more than the Giver.
Forgive us Lord, for this appalling evil.
Forgive us Lord, for this spiritual suicide.
In your grace, break our love affair with this world
and enthrall us with the glories of Jesus.
Wean us from what fades and fails,
That we may set our hope upon what is truly life.
For the sake of Christ, Amen.

A Prayer for Illumination from Psalm 19

With your perfect law, O Lord, revive our souls.
And with your sure testimonies, make wise our simple minds.
In your right precepts cause our hearts to rejoice,
And enlighten our eyes with your pure commandments.
Fill us with the fear of the Lord that is clean and enduring forever,
knowing that your rules, O Lord, are true and righteous altogether.
Help us desire your word more than gold, even much fine gold,
And let us taste and see that it is sweeter than honey.
By your Word, warn your servants and keep us back from sin,
revealing to us the great and sure reward of keeping your Word.
And make the words of our mouths
and the meditations of our hearts
pleasing in your sight, O Lord, our Rock and our Redeemer.
For the glory of Christ we pray, Amen.

A Prayer of Intercession

O God our savior, our help in ages past.
We turn our eyes to you
Give ear to our prayers,
For they are pleasing in your sight.

O God our Savior, our help in ages past
You have helped your church in every generation.
Though her enemies have always waged against her,
Your church forever stands.
We pray for your Church, that today
You would strengthen your servants in the fight of faith.
In every land, embolden their witness
that they may declare your word without fear.
Protect and provide for the pastors, missionaries,
And church planters who labor
to make disciples of all nations.

O God our Savior, our help in ages past,
You are the maker and hope of the nations.
Though violent rulers rage against your kingdom,
Your purposes forever stand.
We pray for the nations, that you would establish
Your purposes of peace and justice.
Thwart the plans of evil powers
who delight in their wicked ways.
In every nation, lift up the helpless,
the voiceless, and the poor.
May you ever be the father of the fatherless
and the strong refuge of the weak.

O God our Savior, our help in ages past,
You turn the hearts of kings wherever you will,
Though our nation drifts from your truth and ways,
Your righteousness endures forever.
We pray for our nation, that our leaders would not
lead out of greed, but from honest and humble hearts.
Grant our president the wisdom and resolve
To decide and to do what is right.
Restrain the corruption in our politics
and remove racial and social barriers
That in our land righteousness and justice
May flow down like mighty waters.

O God our Savior, our help in ages past,
You bind up the hurting and brokenhearted.
Though painful afflictions and tragedies strike us,
Your salvation stands forever.
We pray for those here today with burdens they cannot bear,
Sweeten the sorrows of your people
with the powerful presence of Jesus.
When we despair of life itself,
Teach us to rely not on our own strength,
but on you, God, who raises the dead.
Comfort us that we may comfort others
With the grace you have given.

O God our savior, our help in ages past.
We turn our eyes to you
Give ear to our prayers,
For they are pleasing in your sight.
Through Christ we pray, Amen.

Sovereign, creator God,
with a word you spoke the galaxies into existence,
set the planets in their place,
and fashioned the formless earth.
out of the dust you made us in your image,
breathed life into our souls,
and gave us dominion over all of your creation.
For this, we joyfully tremble and give you thanks.

Sovereign, redeeming God,
in spite of our rebellious fall from fellowship with you,
you clothed us with your grace
and promised the conquering seed of Christ.
When no nation sought you, you chose a people for yourself,
you gave them the law and the prophets
and prepared the way for the Lord Jesus Christ.
For this, we joyfully tremble and give you thanks.

Sovereign, gracious God,
Out of your great love, you sent your Son in the flesh
to do what our flesh could never do,
He kept the law and died to atone for all our sins.
By your mighty power, you raised him from the dead,
Seated him at your right hand
And poured out your Holy Spirit on the Church.
For this we joyfully tremble and give you thanks.

(Words of Institution)

Sovereign, glorious God,
Pour out your Spirit once again as we take, eat, and drink
this memorial of our redemption.
In this joyful meal, unite us by faith to the fullness of Christ.
Raise us to the realities of our risen Lord
That we may taste and see that he is infinitely good.
May your Spirit cause this meal to strengthen our faith
and gladden our hearts as await our blessed hope,
the appearing of our great God and Savior Jesus Christ.
His death we proclaim, until he comes.
Come, Lord Jesus, come. Amen!


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